Rokin is a footwear brand established in 2006 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Christoffer Brattin, the founder and Head of Design at Rokin Footwear, describes the brand as progressive with focus on modern shoes with high quality, designed for people with a desire for a raw, personal expression. Rokin Footwear expresses consciousness, confidence and provides a distinguished, modern look that never feels distorted.

The Pigeon is ROKIN’s brand symbol because it resembles our target customer in many ways: he is an urban, inner-city creature. He wants to be free. International and found in all major cities around the world he is a social creature and likes spending time in large groups. Most people have seen and can relate to a pigeon. It’s a classic symbol for peace and love but also a provocative and in-your-face part of city life. Just like ROKIN.

ROKIN uses only but authentic leathers, materials and components to meet our customer’s high standards. ROKIN shoes are made in the region of Oporto in Portugal, chosen for their heritage in shoe-making and genuine craftsmanship.